Resemblance or character?

I have been attending numerous art classes and I looked carefully at what other painters did. Each time I noticed that all portraits resembled the model and in the same time none of them! 

Of course the artists’’ looks were different but I do think that people have different faces. 

My main purpose is to paint a portrait which expresses the person’s character or at least what I see in him.








Acrylic painting on canvas



Omar Sy is a French actor who lives in the USA.He is a happy person but I perceive him as quite determined.

In this portrait I chose a dominant of blue and green colors with some touch of re


Acrylic on canvas

Rita Hayworth



Water painting

Vivien Leigh



Water painting

This portrait gallery is my ongoing research status. Reality is always an abstraction. My intent is to keep the resemblance and at the same time use colors and contrasts to project my vision of the character.

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